Knowing about your ovulation cycle is important

Knowing about your ovulation cycle is important . You know why? Don’t you want to know about your ovulation cycle so that you can control certain things of your life? Ovulation cycle is a natural phenomenon. It comes after almost every 28 days to a normal woman. The best possible advantage of knowing about your ovulation cycle is that you can track your certain dates and can schedule the pregnancy accordingly. There are different phases and ovulation cycle is subdivided into these phases to make the pregnancy more


obvious. On the other hand you can restrict the pregnancy as well. How? by doing the intercourse in such days when there is a minimal risk of getting pregnant. If you want to track your ovulation cycle details and other things, you can simply check many online calculators. These calculators are efficient enough to guide you about when are the chances more or less.

Family planning and ovulation cycle:

Fertile window is the time when there are most chances of getting pregnant. The best and the easiest way to know about this time frame is to look for the first day of your ovulation cycle The fertile window usually lasts for few days; therefore you should be very careful about this duration. Whether you want to get pregnant or you want to control your pregnancy, in either case these few days are very important for you.

There are other methods to control pregnancy as well. If a woman wants to have a baby, she should regularly check the basal body temperature. It can guide you to the time when ovulation takes place; it also helps in determining other phases of ovulation cycle. Once you get familiar with your ovulation time, you will become able to calculate the dates which are best for you to intercourse. The temperature will rise. Rise by 0.4 degrees to 0.6 degrees after the day of ovulation .To get the best results, you should measure the temperature at exact time each day. You should practice this routine for a few months and after these months you will become able to tell the date of our ovulation by yourself. Once you know the details of ovulation cycle, you can regulate your own pregnancy easily.


  1. [...] Many people think that it is enough to know that an ovulation cycle comprises of around 28 days! No, this is not sufficient especially if you want to regulate your pregnancy with the help of ovulation cycle. Yes, you can easily monitor the pregnancy chances with the help of an ovulation cycle.  Every woman knows that ovulation cycle vary and the length of an average cycle can differ in different circumstances. It also varies from woman to woman. Therefore, every woman has different pattern of ovulating and the date of releasing of egg into the fallopian tube also varies. A normal ovulation cycle can take as long as 90 days to complete without any special reasons. Therefore, you have to get the basic knowledge in order to get a clear understanding about your own periods and ovulation cycle. [...]

  2. [...] ovulation days. This is an accurate method of knowing about your ovulation days. Knowledge about ovulation cycle can also help you in determining the gender of your baby. If your sperm reaches the egg near the [...]

  3. [...] Ovulation cycle is usually of 28 days but this day length comes under perfect circumstances and not in the case of every woman. There are certain factors that affect this ovulation cycle and are responsible for any delays in this cycle. This is important to track your ovulation cycle as this thing will make you able to guess those dates which are good or bad for your pregnancy and other things related to pregnancy. Hormonal changes greatly affect the dates of a ovulation cycle and the period of menstruation. Progesterone is a good example; it is responsible for maintaining the uterine lining longer. Estrogen is also a useful hormonal secretion which is secreted mainly by the ovaries in female and this hormone is responsible for the healthy growth and functionality of female reproductive system. It also makes the cervical fluid thin that in turn helps the sperms to reach the mature egg in lesser duration of time. [...]

  4. [...] your ovulation cycle becomes practically important when you are not getting pregnant. This can help you to get pregnant [...]

  5. [...] cycle and its details vary from woman to woman but when we talk about a normal ovulation cycle, it lasts for 28 days and the first day of ovulation cycle begins with the bleeding. It is called [...]

  6. [...] knowledge, everyone knows what ovulation cycle means and there is no secret related to this. Ovulation cycle is not a mystery and every woman should know about the details of her ovulation cycle so that she [...]

  7. [...] of your ovulation and know when is it when is your time of fertility. You can keep a track of your Ovulation cycle and pregnancy by keeping a fertility chart. In order to keep track of the Ovulation cycle and [...]

  8. [...] the ovulation cycle reaches the point when a woman is most fertile, she becomes capable of getting pregnant and giving [...]

  9. [...] Ovulation cycle occurs in a woman regularly which marks the time when she can get pregnant. When a woman ovulates that is the time when she is most prone to get pregnant if she gets to have an intercourse with her partner and a sperm enters her body. A sperm lasts for about 5-7 days in a woman’s body and an egg lasts only for 24 hours. That is why it becomes really critical to get to know the right time when a woman is ready to respond to the intercourse and get pregnant. The situation gets more critical for the ovulation cycle after abortion because there she might face many troubles. [...]

  10. [...] Ovulation cycle in women repeats itself every month marking their time to fertility in which a woman can conceive a child. This cycle marks the point when she is ready with her egg to get fertile and produce a child by the combination of the sperm and the egg as a result of having an intercourse. The point that needs to be focused on is that there are cases when a woman does not want to get pregnant. So she takes the contraceptive pills to prevent her from getting pregnant. [...]

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